Q: What is Freely Collective, Inc.?

A: Freely Collective is pretty simple – we are four women selling the things we create to make a difference in the world by helping fight human trafficking.


Q: How did the idea come about?

A: The idea came to us after hours of talking and praying about how we could be using our talents for something bigger, something good. It became apparent early on that each of us is moved by the atrocities of modern day slavery occurring all over the world. We may not be in a position to work on the front lines, but we each love to create with our hands and thought maybe our artwork could be a means of raising funds and awareness for this important cause. Freely Collective was born out of a shared passion for justice and a common affinity for art and design. We are thankful for the freedom we live in, and want to work hard to bring freedom to others.


Q: Are you a not for profit organization?

A: No. Your donation is not tax deductible. We chose to be a public benefit corporation, which allows us to give our money away freely, but we operate as a standard small business.


Q: What charity organizations benefit from my purchase?

A: Freely gives donations to both domestic and international organizations that are actively involved in the fight against trafficking.  We partner with reputable organizations whose work we know well and fully support. We announce in advance which organization we will be donating to each time.


Q: How much of my purchase goes to the chosen charities?

A: Freely give 50% percent of our proceeds directly to our chosen organizations. The other 50% goes back into our business to help buy supplies and cover other costs. None of the founders of Freely take a salary at this time.


Q: Does Freely collaborate with other artists?

A: Freely would love to collaborate with other artists in the near future to create a larger web of artists involved in this cause. As of yet, we are only the four of us, but we are interested in opportunities to connect with other artists. If you are an artist or know of an artist who is interested in partnering with Freely, please contact us. We would love to discuss our vision with you!


Q: Can I commission work from Freely?

A: Absolutely! Have a dresser, table, chairs, mirror, or bookshelf you want refurbished or up-cycled? Need wedding save-the-dates, invitations, or programs? Looking for custom art prints or handwritten signs for your wedding, business, home, or as a gift for someone else? Contact us! We’d love to hear any and all of your ideas.


Q: Can I donate money or items to Freely?

A: We will certainly take any money you’d like to donate, and we will carefully consider items you wish to donate as well.  Freely is not a not for profit and therefore your donations are not tax-deductible, but we are thankful for your generosity!


Q: Do you ship?

A: We will gladly ship all items (except furniture) at the expense of the buyer. Furniture that is purchased must be picked up. If it is absolutely impossible to be picked up, please contact us about special shipping methods at the expense of the buyer.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: All purchases are non-refundable. Expect variations or imperfections in purchased product as each piece is carefully handmade by our artists.  Shipping insurance can be purchased at checkout and only in this case, if it is damaged or lost, Freely will replace the item.