First quarter update and Freely's donation to Polaris Project

Hi there, Friends!

Just wanted to let you know we are still here!! While it may seem we’ve been on hiatus - according to our [lack of] web activity and such - we have indeed been busy little bees!

Our biggest news since January is that Freely Collective

donated $2,850 to Polaris Project! 

From left to right: Sara, Rhyan, Julie, Aaron, and Melody at Polaris Project's office in DC

From left to right: Sara, Rhyan, Julie, Aaron, and Melody at Polaris Project's office in DC

This is why we do what we do, so thanks to all who supported us in 2015!

One of our clients from this past year works for Polaris, and he and his wife requested that the donated profits from their job go towards Polaris. We were so touched by their sentiment that we decided to donate all our 2015 apportioned donation money to Polaris Project. We thought that one large amount could be used in a more rewarding way than smaller, broken-up donations.

Our client, Aaron, generously arranged for us to meet us at the Polaris offices in DC in January to give us a tour. He showed us some of their operations including where the national human trafficking hotline takes calls to connect human trafficking victims and survivors to critical support. The hotline also serves to equip the anti-trafficking community with the tools to effectively combat all forms of human trafficking. But they do so much there including providing some direct services for clients (aka trafficking victims). Even with such incredible growth, Polaris has remained committed to providing direct services to clients in order to stay more connected to why they do what they do and to also stay informed at the ground level. It was very rewarding, and even motivating, to see the offices where such important work takes place.

Just some perspective for you - Aaron told us to keep their office location confidential because there are very powerful people and crime organizations that would do anything to harm the progress that Polaris (and other organizations) have been working so hard to make. That’s a big deal, but that’s reality. Thank you, Polaris Project, for your continued work in the fight to eradicate human trafficking worldwide! For all our readers, below is the tip line so save it in your phones should you need to call at a moment's notice!

Call 1-888-373-7888

  • Report a tip

  • Connect with anti-trafficking services in your area

  • Find training and technical assistance, general information, or specific anti-trafficking resources

And financially speaking, this year’s donation was the largest yet! In addition to making a large donation, we were also able to invest in some much-needed design software as well as marketing and promotional materials. All that to say, we’re growing - at a snail’s pace - but we’re growing! Thanks so much to all of YOU who continue to diligently support us! It doesn’t go unnoticed in the least.

We hope to be back to posting at least monthly or twice per month going forward, so subscribe to us or however it works! Hah! Also, please leave comments, as we’d love to hear from you about anything! ANYTHING, PEOPLE!!

xoxo, Freely